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Meeting Online

Adobe Connect interactive web-based conferencing is available to registered e-Colorado workforce professionals and workforce development partners. This page provides you with quick access to important information to help you request a Connect meeting, host a meeting, and participate or present in a meeting.

To request a Connect online meeting

If you are a registered workforce professional on e-Colorado or a workforce development partner with an important online meeting need, click here to access the Connect meeting request form. Because e-Colorado's online meeting capacity is limited, requests will be reviewed and approved based on availability. You also will be able to indicate on the request form whether you need training on using Connect.

To host a Connect meeting

If you have had training on Connect and would like to review the basics on conducting a meeting, click here. Other useful resources for hosting a Connect meeting are available in a team room on e-Colorado including a scheduling calendar, information about system requirements, and a link to request additional meetings. You may also request that a new e-Colorado team room be created to support continued collaboration resulting from your Connect meeting. Contact the e-Colorado administrator to request access to the Connect Host team room or to create your own team room.

To participate or present in a Connect meeting

If you have been invited to participate in a Connect meeting, two resources have been developed to help you:

  • Click here to find out what system requirements are needed to participate in a Connect meeting
  • Click here to learn how to join a Connect meeting.

If you are to present in a Connect meeting:

  • Click here to find out what system requirements you will need
  • Click here for information on how to present in a Connect web-based conference.