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Education & Training

Colorado has a wide array of resources for education and training. Find out about learning opportunities in secondary and post-secondary education including community colleges and four year institutions; technical and adult basic education and public and private vocational schools.

Assessment Tools

Free online resources help assess your work-related interests, match you with potential careers, and develop your basic work-place skills and computer skills. 


Education & Training Programs

Any learning objective can be met by Colorado’s many education and training resources. Find the program or class you need and how to apply or register. 


ESL & English Language Learning

Basic literacy and English language skills are an essential foundation for good jobs and further education and training. 


Online Courses

The Internet has expanded access to many education and training programs in Colorado and the nation. 


Financial Assistance

A range of loans, grants and subsidies are available to help job-seekers and students with their education and training needs. 


Credentials & Certificates

Certificates and credentials demonstrate knowledge, experience and/or skills for an occupation or profession.

Adult Basic Education & Family Literacy

Literacy is more than just an individual ability to read. With information and technology shaping the 21st century, literacy includes computing, problem solving, and English communication.