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Smart FAQ

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91215 How can I improve poor video quality, such as when it freezes or is jerky?
51574 How do I change my password?
40849 How do I email my team members?
40842 How do I inform my team room members about a team event?
40608 What are the minimum system requirements for RealPlayer 11?
1846 What should I do if my password does not work or if I have forgotten my password?
1739 What is the most current version of the RealPlayer available?
1722 What are the system requirements for the RealOne Player for MAC OS X?
1694 What is the difference between “External Search” and “Internal Search”?
1682 What are the system requirements for Adobe Flash Player 9?
1681 Can I use my e-Colorado login to log into my e-portfolio?
1640 How can I share a document with my team members?
1621 How can I tell if Flash is on my computer?
1620 Some of the announcements are not displayed on my “Personal Page.” How do I change which announcements are displayed?
1592 How can I change my email address in my profile?
1582 What is the difference between “Private,” “Private Moderated,” “Public,” and “Public Moderated” team rooms?
1576 How do I configure my browser to work with the RealPlayer 8 for Macintosh?
1566 What are the system requirements for the Windows Media Player?
1554 I unchecked the “Make this information available to others in Peer Networking” checkbox but my name and email are still displayed in some places on e-Colorado.
1550 How can I add a link in an announcement message?
1540 Can each occurrence of an event be updated individually? For example, what if I want to change the agenda for one instance of a recurring meeting?
1540 How can I tell which version of the RealPlayer is on my computer?
1536 How secure is my personal information on e-Colorado?
1524 What is the most current version of the Windows Media Player available?
1521 How do I remove e-Colorado as my home page?
1508 What are the system requirements for the RealOne Player?
1503 What type of browser should I use to access e-Colorado?
1490 Why are some of the items I submitted highlighted in gray on my “Personal Page”?
1478 I am unable to access e-Colorado and get an error message.
1468 What if the other participants cannot see me in the video and I cannot see them?
1462 As a team room manager, how do I edit the name or the type of my team room?
1460 I am a team room member but I am unable to post an announcement or event and can’t upload a file in the team room. What should I be doing?
1458 What are some common RealPlayer issues and how do I solve them?
1450 How can I change the sort order of the modules on my “Personal Page”?
1449 How do I contact the e-Colorado helpdesk?
1448 How do I edit all occurrences of recurring calendar event?
1443 How do I post an announcement in the team room?
1442 How do I edit all occurrences of a recurring calendar event in a team room?
1442 How do I install the RealPlayer on my computer? Go to RealPlayer Downloads. For the free version click on Realplayer. A “File Download” window will appear. Click Run to d...
1437 How can I remove modules from my “Personal Page”?
1431 How can I make e-Colorado my home page?
1418 How can I become a member of a team room?
1390 How can I tell which version of the Windows Media Player is on my computer?
1389 I am unable to change my email ID in my personal profile.
1370 Who do I contact for technical help?
1358 The item I saved in my favorites is not in my favorites anymore.
1330 If I have an older version of the RealPlayer, should I install the new one and delete the old one?
1323 How can team members connect with each other?
1310 How can I delete an item I submitted on e-Colorado?
1296 The video on e-Colorado site is working but there is no audio.

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